Grades 5/6

Class Overview

The fifth- and sixth-grade classroom is very active, with hands-on education that emphasizes the love of Christ. We use many different styles of learning and assessment. In the course of the year, the social studies class includes many different projects. For example, we have made a teepee, colonial villages, and historical murals. We supplement our reading curriculum with novels that the entire class reads. Our fifth- and sixth-grade students also produce a play and practice for the yearly Spring Choral Concert. Beginning in fifth grade, students have their own locker. We prepare our students for high school by departmentalizing our fifth- through eighth- grade classes, and they are blessed to be able to interact with four different teachers each day.

Classroom Newsletter

Grades 5-6 Faculty

Lisa Hengst

5th-6th Grade Homeroom, Religion, English, Social Studies, Music

Ariel Hagar

Computers, Science

Rita Heinen

Art, Physical Education

Steve Gettelman

Math, Principal

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