Altar Guild

Grace’s Altar Guild consists of a group of members committed to serving the Lord by attending to His house and His Holy Sacrament for the worship services.
Using Grace Lutheran’s mission of to Celebrate, Teach and Share the good news of God’s Grace as our foundation, the Altar Guild assists in teaching the importance of the Lord’s Supper.
The members take it seriously to serve the Lord by setting His table and maintaining His house to His glory and for the building up His people.
Our reverence for this ministry is an example to others as to how important this sacrament is for all of us.

The Altar Guild is made up of two (2) teams: (1) Linens and (2) Communion Care.
The Linens team launders and irons the various cloths used during Holy Communion.
The Communion Care team sets the Lord’s table for Holy Communion and cleans the communion ware after the worship services. Team members serve for either the Thursday evening services or the Sunday morning services.
There may be additional responsibilities pertaining to baptisms, holidays and special occasions.

At this time guild members serve on a monthly rotation, committing to three (3) months per year.
If you are interested in serving the Lord by becoming a member of Altar Guild- please contact Jennifer Olen 414.305.3740.